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Vice President, Auditions

David Tauscher

The KMTA Honors Auditions are proudly sponsored by Capitol Federal®

The Honors Auditions were created to allow any student to participate. Music students of any age level, experience are eligible to participate. Even though the event is a competition, the Honors Auditions are specifically designed to be a positive learning experience for all students who enter them.

2015 Information

Pre-College - November 7, 2015   (Postmark deadline - October 14, 2015)
Collegiate - November 8, 2015   (Postmark deadline - October 21, 2015)
University of Kansas, Lawrence

About KMTA Honors Auditions

We are into the sixteenth year for the KMTA Honors Auditions. KMTA offers this audition program in the fall for music students wishing to perform for a judge in a competitive setting. Students gain so much by being a part of a group that shares their interest. Listening to other student auditions and being a part of a larger musical community, including parents, teachers, students and other arts supporters makes all of their diligent work worth the effort.

Competitions are available for pre-college and collegiate piano and pre-college strings.

Recent Enhancements!

Three competitions have been added beginning with the 2013 Honors Auditions.

A new level has been added to the Plan C piano auditions for students of Pre-K and Kindergarten ages.

Chamber Music competitions have been added for Pre-College and Collegiate ensembles. There are some restrictions so please read the handbook carefully.

For more details see the Honors Auditions Handbook in the "Download Forms" section of the website.

As a Reminder

Teachers are required to help with the auditions. A few hours working as a door monitors, check-in, and recording is needed. There is a place on Form B (Teacher Application for State Honors Auditions) to list the time you would be available to help out. District Auditions need help too. On Form A (District Auditions Enrollment Application) there is a place to indicate when you would be available to help for that as well.

Encourage your students to participate! Teachers can enroll students with the enrollment Form A. Payment must be mailed. Please be in touch with me if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you in Topeka!

MTNA Competitions

All details for the MTNA Junior, Senior, Young Artist and Collegiate Chamber Music Performance Competitions, and Student Composition Competition are found in the April/May 2015 American Music Teacher or online at

For more information, contact David Tauscher.